Saturday, October 29, 2016

Stan Lee's LA Comic Con 2016

We brought WALL•E, Eve and BB-8 to this year's convention to be a part of an expanded Robot Alley alongside the R2 Builders Club. We enjoyed having more space to move the robots around near the stage. Every year the number of robots grows!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Star Wars Reads Day at San Clemente Library

We brought R2 to the San Clemente Library to help with Star Wars Reads Day. After giving a presentation on building R2, and letting guests take photos with R2 and members of the Saber Guild, Mike read a book about droids with help from R2 and a Jedi. The library staff had prepared some very creative crafts and post-it note murals. We love inspiring young minds to read and create!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

R2LA 13

This year's gathering of R2 Builders drew twice the number of guests as years past, requiring a larger party venue. So we constructed a 40' sunshade to block 90% UV across the backyard, which really helped with temps in the mid-90s. Attendance topped out over 140. Friday night's pizza dinner brought about 50 people. Everyone had a great time meeting and reconnecting with each other and sharing project ideas.

We had builders from all corners of the country and places in between. Everyone brought parts and props to display, and we had more than 30 finished droids. Gordon Tarpley filmed aerial shots with his drone, and brought his Robot Chicken-created puppet to meet those of Michael McMaster and Mike Senna. There was a resin demo and Senna disassembled his BB-8 for a large, interested crowd.

There was an R2 made of Tinkertoy K'NEX, two Choppers (from Star Wars Rebels animated TV show), and four BB-8s. Also a full-size Star Wars video arcade machine, a full-size Tauntaun head, and screen-used costumes and props from the classic Sci-fi film Logan's Run from Brian Mix.

Friday night pizza dinner

Setting up the backyard

Senna with his robot family

The droids

A big group of creative people