Sunday, March 18, 2012

WonderCon Anaheim

Mike spoke on a panel of R2 Builders at this 3-day event at the Anaheim Convention Center. The club's booth was in the same area as the celebrity autograph booths, so he met stars from Incredible Hulk, Elvira and Tron. WALL-E also made a surprise appearance.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

R2 helps Anthony Daniels present trophy at Themed Entertainment Association awards

R2-D2 appeared onstage with Anthony (C3PO) Daniels at the Themed Entertainment Association awards at the Disneyland Hotel. The event honored the theme park staff who worked on the Star Tours refurbishment. Mike built a custom-designed tray to allow R2 to carry the heavy acrylic trophy onto the stage for Anthony to present. R2 also used his life form scanner to intercept a transmission of congratulations from George Lucas.

 Michael & Anthony Daniels

 Michael custom built this trophy tray

R2 entertaining guests in lobby 

R2's lifeform scanner intercepts a transmission from George Lucas to project on screen (this is the rehearsal; guys in back are stormtroopers) 

 Anthony marvels at R2's lifeform scanner at rehearsal

 Anthony rehearses dialog with R2

 Anthony & troopers on monitor

Anthony & R2 exit stage