Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wedding Ring Bearer, LA

R2 was in his first wedding! He participated in a wedding as Ring Bearer. He also delivered the toasting glasses to the bride & groom at the reception, using a specially designed tray. Kevin had approached me at a mutual friend's party asking if I would have R2 be a part of his wedding. Of course, my first reaction was "Are you joking? You want R2 to be a ring bearer?" Kevin and his bride to be explained that R2 was their favorite character.

The wedding was great fun with good people, good food, and good dancing! Jay showed up with his DeLorean Back to the Future car to sweep up the Bride and Groom, signaling the end of the reception. The festivities continued at the hotel. A really fun wedding!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

ICAN Bowling Fundraiser

The 501st SoCal garrison played their yearly part in a fundraiser for the International Child Abuse Network in Canoga Park. Our participation was lead by Kim. Members of the 501st did face painting for attendees. R2 lent support by giving photo ops and lending to the atmosphere.