Saturday, September 21, 2013

R2LA 10

We had our biggest crowd yet, with 90 guests and more than 20 droids at our 10th annual gathering of R2 Builders. Everyone enjoyed sharing ideas and showing off their work. Several new builders were inspired to get working on their projects. A special guest was Disney Imagineering legend Bob Gurr. Film maker Trey Stokes attended and filmed scenes for his latest Pink Five films, starring DeeDee, our pink R5 droid made especially for the Pink Five trilogy. Trey also screened the Pink Five trilogy on the big screen. The builders honored us with a custom-made acrylic plaque to thank us for hosting the event for ten years.

Disney Imagineering legend Bob Gurr & host Mike Senna

all the builders
engraved plaque presented to us in honor of 10th R2LA
builders with droids
Nikki Miyamoto's Million Dollar R2 project in progress
Disney legend Bob Gurr

creativity isn't limited to droid building...
we had 20+ droids here

droids watching group of builders cheering
Trey Stokes directs a scene from Pink Five starring 5 droids (their operators are standing on right)
Kayla Miyamoto stars in a scene from Pink Five 
William Miyamoto, Mike Senna & Michael McMaster have attended all 10 events
plaque in honor of 10 years of R2LA

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