Sunday, July 15, 2012

Loma Linda University Children's Hospital

R2-D2 visited one of his biggest fans, little Dominic Cumo, in the hospital, along with many other pediatric patients. We think the staff may have had even more fun than the kids! R2 first met Dominic at an event a few months ago at Totally Kids Specialty Health Care in Loma Linda. Dominic's service dog, Kipper, is used to visitors, and didn't bark at R2!

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  1. I just learned about all that you have done with R2-D2 and Wall-E. I wanted to say that it is truly inspirational and extraordinary, especially your motivation to bring joy and wonder to others, particularly children.
    Thank you for the encouragement that you are and for bringing these characters to life. It is all very remarkable, and it prompts me (and hopefully others as well) to also do what I can with my abilities to encourage others.
    Thank you!