Monday, July 20, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel Live Show shoot, Hollywood

R2-D2 filmed a skit for the studio audience of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Hollywood. The video will instruct audience members to turn off cell phones prior to taping. The Prop Master, David, was the best. He looked after us and introduced us to the important people on set, including Jimmy Kimmel.

The call time was 11 am, but shooting didn't actually start till almost 2 pm. It gave us time to walk around Hollywood Blvd to see all the tourists and freaky locals. We left R2 in the studio, where some tours were going through. It gave them a good photo opportunity with R2. I toyed with the idea of taking R2 for a walk down the Blvd, but it was so close to rush hour, I decided to leave instead. We had taken R2 out there once before already. It was back in 2005 when the last Star Wars film was released and we visited the fans in line at Mann's Chinese Theater.

Jimmy Kimmel was just as cool and laid back as he is on TV. He posed for a mock interview pic with R2 and me (see pic below) at the end of the shoot.

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