Saturday, March 7, 2009

Treehouse Social Club Birthday, Beverly Hills

R2 entertained the kids at Zak's birthday party at the Treehouse Social Club in Beverly Hills. Zak turned 5 and could not get enough of R2. Usually kids hang around R2 for about 15 minutes, then pay him no mind for the rest of the day. Not Zak! He lead R2 all around the venue, talking and showing R2 things. It was non stop with those two!

Zak's parents were very nice, as well as the staff at the Treehouse. An all-around fun time! I forgot to take some pics of R2, but here's 3PO and Zak.


  1. I found this blog while searching Beverly Hills Episodes which is one of my favorite for all time. Its really a nice post, and thanks for sharing this....

  2. Thanks! I look back on that day with fondness.

  3. I'm so happy to read this post, as I was showing my sons after we had been discussing you and how amazing you were. A few years ago our computer was stolen and we lost all our photos of that day but I can still remember it, how great it was with Zak beckoning r2 everywhere and basically stating by his dude all day! He loved him so... He's ten now, but also fell in love with wall e! His preschool teacher even built him a replica of wall e and threw him a wall e party! I so wish I knew you built one... Thank you again for making a magical memory, just we had photos xx Zak's mom xx ps what you do for kids is so special

    1. Thanks! Wall-E was completed April of 2012. Contact me through my email at if you want to bring Zak by to see the robots.

  4. Gosh I just read your reply -- I would so love that!!!