Monday, December 3, 2007

Fanboys shoot

Michael, R2-D2 and our daughter's ewok costume spent the day on the set of the upcoming film “Fanboys,” produced by Kevin Spacey. It’s a road trip movie about Star Wars fans trying to break into Skywalker Ranch in 1998 to get an advance copy of Star Wars Episode I. The scene filmed Monday was supposed to take place in George Lucas’ prop-filled office. While a change in plans resulted in R2-D2 being removed from the scene, the ewok suit should have a prominent role in the movie, which hits theaters in January. Amy & the kids visited the set briefly and we got a family photo with Kristen Bell, the actress who threatens to light the ewok head on fire with a lighter in a scene. (Our daughter was a bit alarmed to hear that! But the costume survived.) Michael also got a photo earlier in the day with R2-D2 and all the main actors in the film. Kristen Bell is currently starring in the NBC show, Heroes (where she shoots lightening from her fingertips). She’s a blonde, but was wearing a brunette wig for Fanboys. She also starred in Veronica Mars on WB.

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