Saturday, November 19, 2011

Riverside Robotics Society

R2-D2 &WALL-E appeared for the 2nd year at Riverside Robotics Society's Robot Expo at the Woodcrest Community Library. One of the event's goals is to inspire children to pursue careers in math, science, or engineering. Exhibits included robot soccer, Terminator robots, a Lost in Space Robot, a singing robot Elvis and many others. Mike met fellow robot builder, and the voice of the Tonight Show, Wally Wingert. Thanks to Victor Franco for driving R2-D2 & sharing his photos.

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  1. Hi Mike and Amy,

    Nice blog! We are just watching A New Hope and I told the kids that their cousin build an R2 from scratch. We had a neighbor kid over too, and was very impressed. He said he wanted to build one! Wow, you guys have met so many famous people!

    Hope you are all well,
    Lisa (your cousin)