Saturday, September 20, 2008


The 6th annual gathering of R2 Builders was held at our home again this year. About 50 people attended the 12-hour event, while more than 100 online viewers watched the live webcast via 3 cameras stationed around the house & yard. Viewers were able to type questions and comments that appeared on laptops and the big screen here. Attendees could reply by either speaking into the camera with audio, or by typing into one of the laptops. It was crazy! One of the viewers even created an online trivia contest complete with prizes, to add to the online interest. We moved droids out to the back patio this year, where we had about a dozen operational units driving around. Plus more parts indoors. It's amazing how much this event grows every year!

R2-LA wouldn't be complete without some type of shenanigans orchestrated by Mike McMaster. A bunch of the guys surprised Michael with T-shirts that said, "Who's Mike Senna?" and had a funny picture of his face. Builders were encouraged to bring their childhood Star Wars artwork. Two women made R2-D2 cakes during the day. A baby wore an R2-D2 onesie. There was even an R2-D2 pachinko machine and an automated C3PO. The event was kicked off with a pizza dinner Friday night, and wrapped up with brunch on Sunday. A very full & exhausting weekend with a fun group of people!

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